The O-Shot, or the orgasm shot, is a non-invasive treatment that aims to rejuvenate the vagina. The effects primarily focus on increasing a woman’s ability to have an orgasm and her ability to have stronger and more intense orgasms, hence the name “O-Shot”. Other results include being able to feel more aroused from clitoral stimulation, decreasing any pain during sex, increasing the lubrication of the vagina, dealing with tightness or looseness, urinary incontinence, and other aesthetic issues like increasing smoothness.



The procedure works by taking advantage of the proteins and growth factors that come from a high concentration of platelets in platelet rich plasma. Platelet rich plasma comes from the individual’s own blood which help stimulate tissue repair and regeneration of cells. Collagen production increases and new blood vessels form as well. During the procedure, a small amount of blood will be drawn, it is then processed in a rotating container (called a centrifuge) to extract the platelets, and then they are injected into the vaginal area.



At your appointment, the vaginal area will be numbed with a cream and you will likely feel a warming and minor pinching sensation during the injection phase. It is a painless procedure that usually takes around half an hour, where results last up to 12-18 months. Although results can occur immediately, full results usually occur three months after the procedure.



If you are interested in the results that the O-Shot offers, book a consultation at EverYoung Laser and Skincare Clinic in Metro Vancouver (Burnaby or Coquitlam). EverYoung’s Medspa Clinics have recently started offering the O-Shot, in order to provide women with more than just the Votiva route for aesthetic and vaginal function. The O-Shot is an option to help with vaginal issues relating to sex drive, and specifically, the ability to have orgasms or have stronger and more frequent ones.