SecretRF - Non-Surgical Facelifts & Facial Resurfacing

SecrectRF: Non-Surgical Facial Resurfacing in Vancouver

There is no escaping the ageing process; it happens to everyone. It’s certainly not a secret that as we age, our skin becomes thinner, loses its bounce, and also the reflective qualities that signal a youthful tone and texture.   What if a 20-minute non-invasive treatment could rewind the clock to both plump and resurface your skin along with a host of other benefits? SecretRF is the latest technology in microneedling that will give you rapid results with almost no recovery time. secretrf

What is SecretRF?

SecretRF is a minimally invasive technology that uses tiny needles to trigger natural collagen in your skin. In addition, secretRF takes it a step further by using fractional radiofrequency (RF) which creates heat into the procedure. The direct heat results in new collagen production and subsequent thickening of the dermal layer of your skin.

SecretRF can be used on the face, neck, chest and body for total rejuvenation and is one of the top non-surgical facelift treatments.

How does SecretRF work?

Thanks to primarily environmental factors like sun damage and free radicals, our skin’s production of collagen (the cushion in our skin) and elastin (the component that gives us that spring and bounce-back quality) begin to drop with age.

We end up with slower cell turnover leading to dullness, and skin becomes lax. Fine lines and hollows appear in what was once our youthful dermis.

SecretRF takes the procedure of microneedling and then goes a step further. When the tiny needles penetrate the dermis at the desired depth, the tiny incisions are registered as ‘wounds’ by the body. The procedure kickstarts the rejuvenation process and signals to our body that our skin needs more collagen and elastin, which means our skin goes into repair mode. 

What sets Secret SF apart is the directional heat energy that amplifies the natural stimulation of collagen and elastin production. The radiofrequency energy firms the skin more rapidly, and is effective on scars and retexturing a history of acne. 

Together, SecretRF combines the best qualities of microneedling with the added synergy of heat energy for faster and more optimal results.

What is SecretRF beneficial For?

Fine lines and wrinkles
Skin lacking firmness and tone
Uneven surface texture
Acne scars and other scars (treatment will soften the appearance)
Signs of photo-damage
Darker skin tones unable to safely use laser treatments
Overall revitalizing and refreshing of the skin

The beauty of SecretRF is that every skin type and tone can benefit from this treatment.

Why choose SecretRF Microneedling over other treatments?


Unlike many other treatments, SecretRF only utilizes tiny micro-punctures, which means that the overwhelming majority of the outer epidermis remains intact. There is far less opportunity for infection, a poor reaction, and this minimizes your risk.

Your Body is Doing the Work

When you think about it, the brilliant thing about SecretRF is that the treatment isn’t injecting anything foreign into the body. Your body is simply responding the way it naturally should to the micro-incisions for a beautiful result that is self-generated. No foreign compounds are required!

Virtually Pain-Free

The heating element means that SecretRF can be slightly more noticeable during treatment than traditional microneedling, but this can be alleviated using a topical ointment 30 minutes before treatment. 

Little to No Downtime

Lasers and peels can render you house-bound for a week with red, peeling, even raw skin that is painful post-procedure. With SecretRF you should have almost no redness or swelling within a few hours up to a day. Great for hectic lifestyles and no hiding behind sunglasses!

Quick, Proven Results Custom Fit for You

The results of SecretRF are clinically proven, and a single area for treatment only takes around 15-20 minutes per session. You can expect to have 3-4 sessions to see optimal results and they are normally spaced apart 4-6 weeks. Once you achieve the desired results, SecretRF can safely be done as often as every 6 weeks but maintenance only needs to be done every 12-18 months.

Your physician will customize your treatment based on your concerns, and with the variable depth penetrations of the needles can treat each concern appropriately.

Is SecretRF for me?

The real question is, who isn’t SecretRF for? This quick, nearly painless, and effective procedure that addresses all of the main concerns of ageing really does suit everyone by triggering your repair response. No side effects and virtually without risk, SecretRF is a treatment that is exceptionally safe without any drawbacks.

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