Fractional Skin Resurfacing and Rejuvenation

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Fractional Wrinkle, Scar & Pigment Treatment

Scientifically proven to reduce deep wrinkles and improve skin texture on the face or body.

Whether your skin woes are the result of aging, the environment or genetics, Fractional Resurfacing uses the latest technology to rejuvenate your complexion or body for a healthy, smooth, younger looking skin. The treatment depth is customizable; providing surface, mid-depth, or deep-depth correction of wrinkles, skin laxity, stretch marks, scars, acne scars and pigmentation.

Fractional Rejuvenation is a superior treatment using RF (radiofrequency) energy to target skin imperfections, while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. This heat energy ablates (removes) damage, while stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin; the building blocks of youthful, plump, firm skin. This minimally invasive treatment provides results comparable to the best fractional CO2 lasers on moderate and deep wrinkles—with considerably less downtime and risk.

Our doctors at EverYoung look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, fresh and radiant skin that not only looks younger and smoother—but behaves younger due to an increase in collagen.

Before & After Fractional Acne Scar Treatments

Fractional Acne Scar Treatments at a Glance

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    1-6 Treatments

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    Topical Numbing Cream

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    90 Minutes

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    48 Hours

Benefits of Fractional Acne Scar Treatments

  • Reduces wrinkles & fine lines
  • Fades pigmentation, sun damage, photo aging and dark spots
  • Diminishes stretch marks
  • Smooths scars, acne scars, chicken pox scars & surgical or post traumatic scars
  • Lessens appearance of large pores
  • Refines skin texture
  • Tightens & firms
  • Enhances radiance & skin brightness
  • Safe on all ethnicities with little risk of hyperpigmentation
  • Results are comparable to the best fractional CO2 lasers (with less downtime/risk)
  • Customizable (surface-to-deep correction)

Treatable Areas

  • Upper & lower eye area
  • Upper face (forehead)
  • Mid face (Smile lines, cheeks, mouth)
  • Lower face (chin and jawline)
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Body


What is the benefit of RF energy?

RF energy resurfaces the skin to rejuvenate your appearance, fade imperfections, and promote a clearer, smoother, more youthful and radiant appearance. Results are seen immediately, with more noticeable results seen after two weeks. Your skin will continue to improve up to three months post treatment.

How does Fractionated Energy work?

Fractionated RF energy is a minimally invasive treatment using a matrix of micro-pins to resurface the skin—while heat energy revitalizes collagen in the deeper skin layers.

How much downtime is needed?

This is dependent on the depth of the treatment as recommended by one of our medical doctors. Surface to mid-depth treatments may only require a few days of recovery, while deep-depth treatments may require up to a week. The depth of the treatment will also determine how many treatments are needed for optimal results, ranging from 1-6.

What post procedure care is required?

Patients should moisturize the treated area during the healing stage and avoid direct sun exposure. Ongoing sunscreen use is highly advised to maintain your results and prevent future damage.

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