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Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Fast

EMSculpting: The Fast Non-Invasive Way To Burn Fat, Build Muscle & Tone Your Body

Are you tired of struggling to lose weight and tone at the gym?

Using the revolutionary EMSculpt device, you now can lose fat and build athletic muscle without invasive surgeries or injections.

Getting the beach body of your dreams has never been easier with EMSculpt therapy. 

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What Is EMSculpt?

EMSculpt is the world’s best body shaping device that targets multiple areas of the body to simultaneously burn fat and build muscle. It’s 100% non-invasive, meaning no needles, no surgeries, and no recovery time. EMSculpt is FDA-approved and backed by multiple clinical studies. 

How Does EMSculpt Work?

The EMSculpt device uses a highly focused application of electromagnetic energy to burn fat and build muscle. This energy gently contracts, contours, and shapes the body naturally by strengthening existing muscle fibers and building new ones, as well as breaking down fat cells.

With increased “Supramaximal” contractions of the muscles, you’ll see dramatic results in no time at all. With just 4-6x 30min EMSculpt sessions, you can achieve similar results to 6-12 months of strict diet and exercise! One session is equivalent to doing upwards of 20,000 squats or crunches at the gym!

Users of EMSculpt on average see muscle mass increase 16% and fat reduced by 20%. The result is a well-toned body with increased muscle mass and a lower BMI.

Some of the amazing benefits you can see with just a few sessions of EMSculpt therapy include: 

Boost and lift the buttock
Tone thighs
Firm upper arms
Reduce belly fat
Well-defined six-pack abs

Why You’ll Love EMSculpt Therapy in Vancouver BC

We love the proven results of EMSculpt, and know you will too! 

Painless Treatment

EMSculpt therapy is 100% pain-free and feels more like a good workout, except you’re stationary and relaxing during your treatment. Using real-time thermal readings, the EMSculpt device maintains a target temperature to maximize energy delivery while keeping you comfortable.

Quick Session Times

Therapy sessions using EMSculpt last only 30 minutes. Schedule your session whenever it suits you, even pop in for a session during your lunch break from work!

No Recovery Time

Resume normal activities straight after your session with no downtime needed for recovery. You may feel a bit sore for a day or two after your session akin to what you feel after a good workout.

Few Sessions Needed

One of EMSculpts most amazing features is how quickly it achieves desired results. No slaving away at the gym for months or years. You’ll only need 4-6 sessions with options of maintenance sessions every 3-4 months.

Nearly Instant Results

You can feel the results of your EMSculpt sessions right after your first session. Most patients report visible results in only 2-4 weeks, with continued positive results after repeated sessions.

Scientifically Proven & Verified

Unlike other “miracle” fat burning and toning devices and equipment, EMSculpt is backed by multiple clinical studies through MRI, Ultrasound, CT Scan, and cellular studies, all of which confirm EMSculpt’s effectiveness and safety.

The Bottom Line? EMSculpt Just Works!

With over 96% patient satisfaction, EMSculpt is a tried and tested method of getting the body you want fast. Pure results with no side effects or risks. 

Why Choose Us For Your EMSculpt Therapy?

With a highly-trained group of certified medical professionals available at your service, you can trust your body to one of our EMSculpt specialists who will provide you with the safe, friendly, and personalized care you deserve.

Are you ready to take the first step towards the body of your dreams? Contact our office today. We have 2 convenient locations in Burnaby & Port Coquitlam, both with free parking available. 

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