YOUR LIPS SPEAK VOLUMES. They pout when sad, smile when happy and pucker up to kiss. All of this movement combined with aging (lips thin as we get older) may have you seeking a volumizing lip treatment. Dermal filler is used to create or restore volume. Treatment is completed in less than 30 minutes, including the period required to numb the lip area to ensure your comfort. Each patients’ needs are unique, with some opting for a subtle, natural enhancement, and others seeking to ‘amp up the volume’ for bee-stung lips that are seriously sexy.

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How else can dermal filler be used in the lips?

Thin lips: Aside from volume loss due to aging, many of us are born with thin lips. Dr. Zheng’s goal in this instance is to gently create fullness while respecting the natural balance of the face.

Smoker’s lines: Fine wrinkles form around the mouth; causing your lipstick to feather. These can be smoothed out with dermal filler.

Corners of the mouth: A downward turn at the corners of the mouth creates an unhappy expression, and as the lines deepen, jowls are accentuated. These corners are easily lifted with dermal filler.

Uneven lip contours: None of us are perfectly symmetrical, but if there’s an obvious difference, dermal filler can restore balance for more pleasing proportions.

Cupid’s bow: The small indent just above your upper lip is considered by many to be sexy. A few Hollywood stars (both male and female) come by this naturally. For the rest of us, it can be enhanced with dermal filler to give your mouth an alluring pout.

Which fillers do we use?

At our cosmetic clinic, we use dermal fillers that have stood the test of time and have a proven safety record. We also consider how smooth the product is to ensure a natural result, regardless of the volume you choose. Teosyal Kiss and Juvederm are both popular choices for the lip area.

Now smile!