Have you ever watched Rapunzel and envied her long, thick hair? 

Or have you noticed how flawless Prince Charming’s hair is in Shrek? 

While it may seem like an unachievable task to get great hair like them, we’ve got great news for you.

PRP hair restoration procedures allow you to return your head of hair to its former glory so you can flip that hair with confidence again!


What Is PRP Hair Restoration?

If you want to know how you can have a full head of hair again, you first must understand what PRP is and how it works. 

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) is one treatment used often by doctors for accelerated growth in different areas of the body. It is most often used to treat various forms of hair loss including androgenetic alopecia. 

Do not be afraid of this big word; it’s not a disease! Instead, androgenetic alopecia is a genetic condition that leads to the shrinking of hair follicles. 

PRP hair restoration is a relatively new approach to treating hair loss, and evidence suggests that it’s one of the most effective answers to your hair loss woes!


How Does PRP Therapy Work?

The process of PRP therapy works by using the plasma that’s present in your blood. Your plasma contains platelets, which  act as your body’s Avengers, coming to your defense as soon as you start to bleed. They help heal injuries faster, encourage growth, and raise the levels of stem cells and collagen. Applying this plasma for hair restoration has proven to work at promoting re-growth.

The PRP process is a multi-step procedure. 

  1. First, your doctor takes your blood which is full of platelet rich plasma. 
  2. Next, your blood is put into a centrifuge and separated into three categories; platelet-rich plasma, plasma poor in platelets, and red blood cells. Only the beneficial platelet rich plasma is used. 
  3. The doctor applies a local anesthetic, so you do not feel any pain during the procedure. They inject the PRP into your scalp, and let it do it’s work! You should have your hair re-growth in no time.

See how simple the PRP hair restoration process is? It is not complicated at all is it?


The Dos And Don’ts Before Your PRP Injections

Like with any procedure, realistic expectations are important. There are a few important steps you can take to improve the chances and rates of success. 

  1. Take a nice long shower before your PRP hair restoration procedure, and don’t forget to shampoo and condition your hair
  2. Have a healthy breakfast, and make sure to drink at least 16 ounces of water. You don’t want to faint or experience dizziness and nausea after your blood has been drawn.
  3. Try not to smoke before the procedure as smoking lowers your platelet count.

Now that you know the basics of this procedure, you are ready to go to the next hot event without a wig, a hat, or embarrassment about your hair. PRP hair restoration restores your hair to its original glory and gives you back your self-esteem so you can smile for the camera again with confidence. ?