Rather than growing a pelt this fall, consider that the cooler seasons are the perfect time to begin a Laser Hair Removal regime. Lasers work by targeting the pigment in the hair follicle and all traces of a tan must be faded prior to treatment.

For the facial area, it’s best to begin treatment earlier rather than later. As we age, it’s not only the hair on our head that turns grey; facial hair including eyebrows, chin, cheek and upper lip may also begin to whiten, particularly after menopause. Once the hair has lightened—it can’t be treated.

Our most requested areas? The two B’s. The back for males, the bikini for females. Women choose between a basic bikini (your classic V shape), a sophisticated French (a narrow strip), or the full-on, all-gone sleekness of the Brazilian.

EverYoung Medical Aesthetics Laser Hair Removal in Vancouver BC Coquitlam Burnaby

What are the benefits? Freedom. From shaving, waxing or using a depilatory and all that comes with it (ingrown hairs, monthly treatments, or skin sensitivity). Once the hair is gone, your skin feels supple, soft and sexy. Women genetically inclined to thicker, darker hair, find a new-found confidence following Laser Hair Removal, as do men with excess back hair.

What do our clients say? That it is thrilling to shower and not have to deal with persistent stubble. As for what their partners are thinking? We’ll leave that to your imagination.

Treatable areas:

Face (chin, upper lip, sideburns, ears)

Body (bikini, underarms, chest, back, arms, legs, fingers, toes)