Tattoos are a means of expressing what we love or documenting important life events—and while many will be happy to show off their body art for a lifetime—in some instances, internal or outward changes may warrant a change of heart. Sometimes literally. A heart with your exes name or initials is a serious impediment to moving forward…and generally frowned upon by a new partner 😉

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The Top Reasons People Want their Tattoos Gone

1. A grammatical error. (You’d be surprised how often something is misspelled.)
2. Incorrect translation into a foreign language
3. Not happy with the placement
4. End of a love affair
5. Poor workmanship
6. Your tastes evolve

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The Process of Removing a Tattoo

The quality of tattoos has evolved over the years, and rudimentary inks have been replaced with vibrant and saturated pigments that are difficult to remove. At EverYoung we use the award-winning Q-Switched Laser Tattoo Removal System. This advanced technology removes or lightens heavily saturated ink colours—including the difficult-to-fade colours: yellow, purple and turquoise. How does it do this? High intensity pulses of laser light target the pigment in the tattoo, while
leaving the surrounding tissue intact. The laser energy breaks down the pigmented ink, which your body gradually removes over time. This is a non-invasive treatment that is safe for all ethnicities and skin types. You only have one skin, and it should make you happy to look at it!

Our Q-Switched Laser Tattoo Removal System with its high power output and variety of dye hand pieces has become a gold standard for removing tattoos.

Final Thoughts: A Well Thought Out Tattoo

Do your homework prior to getting a tattoo. Getting one while drunk in Vegas may feel exhilarating at the time—but probably not a good idea. A successful tattoo is collaboration between a skilled artist and their ability to translate your wishes into a work of art. So do your research. Check the artist’s credentials, business license, reviews, and ask to see multiple examples of their actual work. A thorough sketch should be provided—and it is up to you to check for grammatical accuracy in English or a foreign language. As much as we’d love to see you at the clinic—following these steps may save you a trip to see us in the future. Don’t worry; we have lots of other services we’d love to share.

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