If you’re unhappy with the shape of your nose looks or have issues that affect your breathing, a nose job can be a great way to improve both the appearance and function of your nose.  


Commonly referred to as the “Nose Job”, the rhinoplasty has been around for decades and continues to be one of the most popular and common cosmetic surgeries performed year after year. 


However, many people are concerned about the traditionally invasive nature of the rhinoplasty, and the risk it carries of complications or undesirable results.  


These days, getting a nose job doesn’t always mean “going under the knife.” Advancing technologies and techniques have created non-surgical options to help reshape and improve the appearance of your nose. 


Fancy a quick nose job on your lunch break? Yep, that’s now possible! For the right candidate, a professionally administered non-surgical nose-job procedure can produce amazing results almost instantly, with absolutely zero down time.


But what is the difference between surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty, and which one should you choose?

Non-Surgical (Liquid) Rhinoplasty


Non-surgical, or liquid rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that involves reshaping the nose using injectable dermal fillers.  This means there are no incisions, no long recovery times, and the entire procedure takes place in about 15 minutes.  


Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a purely cosmetic treatment. It will not affect structural or nasal conditions or help alleviate symptoms of nose-related issues.

Reasons To Get Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty helps to camouflage and hide bumps, reshape the nasal tip, fill indentations, and improve symmetry.
  • Procedure results are seen immediately and you can resume normal activities right away.   
  • You are conscious and awake the whole time with no need for anesthetics. 
  • You are given control and are able to shape the procedure results in real time.If you’re not happy with the results, the procedure is reversible using injections to dissolve the filler.


As with other cosmetic dermal fillers, the results of liquid rhinoplasty are temporary. Dermal fillers are formulated typically of hyaluronic acid, water, and lidocaine, which are all substances the body naturally starts to break down over time. This makes the results from this procedure visible for around 12-24 months, depending on the product injected.

Surgical Rhinoplasty


With a traditional rhinoplasty, the patient undergoes a surgical procedure to alter or manipulate bone, skin, and cartilage of the nose. This surgery seeks to re-shape or resize the nose depending on the desired results. 


What makes surgical nose jobs different from other cosmetic surgeries is that nose jobs can be performed for both aesthetic improvements, as well as treating medical conditions such as breathing problems, deviated septums, structural problems, etc.


However, with any invasive surgery, there are higher risks involved. Surgery comes with higher risks of bleeding, infection, or reactions to medications or anesthetics.  


Recovery can be a lengthy and uncomfortable process. If you don’t achieve the desired results, you’ll have to wait over a year until your nose is fully healed and ready for a second attempt at surgery.

Which Nose Job Is Best For You?


Both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasties are effective cosmetic procedures that achieve great results. However, not everyone is comfortable with the risks, permanent results, and high costs of surgical nose-jobs.


Unless you have a medical condition that may be addressed by a surgical nose job, non-surgical dermal fillers are a lower cost, lower risk, and much more comfortable cosmetic procedure;  they offer more subtle and natural-looking enhancements without the risk of disfigurement.  


Your nose may be small, but it’s important and complex – make sure you only seek out certified experts with a proven track record of satisfied customers.  


Are you interested in a non-surgical nose job? EverYoung Medical Aesthetics can guide you and provide recommendations on all of your rhinoplasty questions and concerns. 


Our team of highly trained medical professionals take the time to evaluate which procedure is right for you and take your nose structure and desired results into account so you get the very best results.  


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