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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s immortalized in photographs that will be looked back on for years to come. Along with your dress, your skin is your most important accessory. Exquisite makeup application requires a refined base—and the less you have to hide—the more your natural beauty will shine through. So let’s explore the trending treatments to perfect your most valued accessory.

Goal: Glow

Lead in time: One week to one month
A HydraFacial is the quickest way to achieve radiant, clean and clear skin. This multiphase treatment features gentle exfoliation, pore extraction, and skin-specific ingredients to treat whatever underlying conditions you’d like to improve. Whether your skin is dull and dry or oily and flakey; a HydraFacial is customizable to perfect your skin for your big day.

Goal: Skin Rejuvenation

Lead in time: Two months to six months
If your skin needs an overhaul that resets skin heath, consider a PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) + Microneedling. Also known as the Vampire Facial—this treatment uses platelets found in your own body, which are rich in growth hormones to initiate tissue regeneration and rejuvenate collagen for healthier, tighter, skin. We’ve had some amazing results in our clinic using Collagen Induction Therapy.


Goal: Even Skin Tone

Lead in time: Two to three months
If your complexion is plagued by brown or red marks, a BBL PhotoFacial (BroadBand Light) will clear away demarcations for a more even skin tone. This laser targets dark pigment (sun damage, melasma or age spots) or the red pigment (rosacea, capillaries, broken blood vessels or flushing). Brown marks will
get darker over after a few days before sloughing off—and redness usually clears quickly after the treatment. In about a week, you will notice a healthier more even skin tone. Depending on the degree of pigmentation present—you may need one to three treatment for optimal results.

Goal: Clear Acne

Lead in time: 2 days to six months
Whether it’s a pimple or ongoing, pervasive acne, clearing up acne is a priority for brides to be and anyone who will be immortalized in photos for a special occasion.

Quick Fix
Emergency Pimple Treatment: Imagine getting a cyst or large, invasive pimple days before your big day. Have no fear—a quick cortisone treatment will shrink that bad boy to create an even surface for better makeup application. The offending pimple or cyst will respond quickly and usually clears within 1-3 days.

Long term Fix
Active acne is a distressing skin condition and is hard to hide with makeup alone. Treating the source of your active acne requires dedication and depending on the severity, requires a longer lead in time and multiple treatments. Blu-U light is an easy and painless treatment that uses a light source to target and control excess oil and kills the bacteria responsible for inflammation. The Spectra Peel uses an award winning laser that treats acne and enlarged pores by gently heating the outermost layer of skin to reduce inflammation, clear sebum from within the pore walls, and create new collagen to smooth surface irregularities and refine the texture of the skin. We have over 10 treatments to treat active acne, large pores and acne scars. Your best bet for this complex condition is to meet with one of our board certified doctors for a personalized consultation and assessment. We look forward to helping you look your best!