Around 20% of the population have experienced a migraine. Predisposition to migraines includes female gender, under the age of 40 and family history.

It is said that migraines are more common in people with high-stress lifestyles or low mood, however, these two factors may not show true cause-and-effect. Studies conducted on the patient suffered from a chronic migraine who received injections every 3 months, showed on an average of eight lesser days of a headache each month than those on placebo. EverYoung doctors will complete a detailed medical exam and propose treatments tailored for you.


Muscle Relaxant Injections

EverYoung Expert Migraine treatment consists of precise injections into seven muscle groups around the neck and head which are the two areas associated with headaches. By reducing muscle action in these two nerve-sensitive areas near the brain, symptoms and severity of migraines can be significantly reduced. It is recommended to repeat treatments every few months depends on the individual condition. Some patients experience a longer lasting results.