Fox Eyes and Eyebrow Lift
in Vancouver

Fox Eyes and Eyebrow Lift in Vancouver

Fox Eye Brow Lifts amassed a strong following in recent years, thanks to celebrities and supermodels who enjoyed highly attractive and visible results from the procedure.

There are various ways to achieve the “Fox Eye Brow Lift” look, but what is certain is that the desire for the “Fox Eye” effect appears to be growing ever more popular.

Haven’t heard of this lift yet? Read on for more on this latest treatment being made available by EverYoung in Vancouver.

What is the “Fox Eye Brow Lift”?

The simple answer is that it is a combination of two things. 

First, it aims to give the client a more almond-shaped eye upturned on the outer corners of the eyes. 

Secondly, a lift on the outer “tail edge” of the brow raises it higher and gives a straighter brow taper to the overall arch shape.

The overall effect of both actions results in a more elongated and lifted eye look for the client, giving an ultra-feminine aesthetic that, in reality, very few of us are naturally gifted with genetically. 

The beauty of this treatment is that results are pretty much instant, so for the noninvasive techniques, it is an attractive proposition.

How is the “Fox Eye Brow Lift” achieved?

This look is achievable via nonsurgical methods with results lasting 9-12 months. 

A popular way to achieve this is by using a combination of injectables and threads (polydioxanone) inserted with a cannula (a blunt-ended needle) after local numbing. This is known as a “thread lift”, which has been around for a long time. What is new is the placement of these threads to achieve the desired outcome.

After some time, these threads dissolve and are absorbed into the body, at which point you may need a follow-up maintenance treatment.

Another nonsurgical option uses fillers injected into the outer edges of the brow bone to plump the area. Doing this elevates the brow, which in turn lifts the outer corner of the eye area.  This method can last a fair amount of time, and you can have maintenance filler injections annually to keep the lift topped up.

Is a Fox Eye and Eyebrow Lift For Me?

This is a very personal choice to make. The best thing to do would be to have a consultation and take on board any advice given by an expert. 

EverYoung can help you make the best decision about whether a Fox Eye Thread Lift is something you have been considering undertaking. Expert advice is always recommended because whichever method you pursue is still a medical procedure and should be carried out by experienced professionals.

Why Choose EverYoung?

Our team of doctors, specialist technicians and skin experts are regularly updating their skill sets with new treatments and technological know-how.

Cutting-edge treatments performed in a safe and welcoming environment is their hallmark.

EverYoung Clinics are conveniently located in Burnaby and Port Coquitlam with free parking available. Contact us today for a consultation.

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