IV Vitamin Therapy

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IV Vitamin Therapy

Wellness options to boost your health, energy and mood for greater vitality.

At EverYoung, Dr. Yam and Dr. Zheng believe in the synergy between inner health and outer beauty. IV Vitamin Therapy delivers high doses of water-soluble vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are customized to support and improve your health, while addressing specific symptoms. IV Nutrient therapy is used to treat a wide range of conditions from fatigue and general malaise to asthma, anxiety, colds and hangovers. Give your health and mood a boost and rehydrate your body while relaxing in our soothing IV spa room. Patients report greater energy and clarity of mind following treatment. A favourite of celebrities and professional athletes.

IV Vitamin Cocktails Offered at EverYoung

Myers’ Cocktail  The perfect Pick Me Up

Boost your energy and immune system with the Myers’ Cocktail pioneered by Dr. John Myers. This nutrient-dense formulation treats mineral, vitamin and amino acid deficiencies in the body to improve and enhance health and well-being and to strengthen the immune system. The IV delivery method provides nutrients in a concentration not attainable through food or oral supplementation. IV nutrient therapy is a great option for anyone feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed, or under the weather.


Hydrabooster The foundation of health

Water is an essential building block of life; yet 75% of the population is chronically dehydrated. The effects of even mild dehydration are shown to negatively impact not only your energy levels, but your mood as well. An IV Therapy session rehydrates the body from the inside out—improving overall health and nourishing your internal organs along with your most visible asset—your skin.


Antioxidant  Therapy Nutritional support to optimize health

Protect and supercharge your health with an Antioxidant Therapy treatment. Antioxidants are the first line of defence to prevent oxidative stress in the body, which leads to inflammation, and is associated with chronic illness and disease including cancer, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases. Antioxidant Therapy delivers optimal amounts of potent antioxidants such as vitamin C, selenium, and glutathione, delivered through an IV drip, to prevent and mitigate  oxidative stress (OS), reactive oxygen species (ROS), and free radical damage in the body. Enjoy better health with increased energy levels and an improved immune system.

IV Vitamin Therapy Treatment at a Glance

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    1+ Treatments

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    Days. Months with continued treatments

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    Topical Numbing Cream

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    Low. Some patients experience lightheadedness after treatment

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    30-45 minutes

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    Right away

Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

  • Improve energy and vitality
  • Alleviate symptoms cause by a vitamin or mineral deficiency
  • Alleviate allergy symptoms
  • Hydrate and nourish cells and skin
  • Prevent and counteract free radical damage in the body
  • Prevent and mitigate oxidative stress (OS) and reactive oxygen species (ROS)
  • Enhance immune system
  • Improve athletic performance and recovery


How many treatment of IV Vitamin Therapy will I need?

Treatments are dependent on the individual patient and their health goals. Some patients benefit from a single treatment, while others may opt for an ongoing regime to optimize their health. Please book an appointment with one of our EverYoung medical doctors for a health review and a customized recommendation.

Is IV Vitamin Therapy safe?

Yes. IV Vitamin Therapy has been used in clinical settings by doctors and naturopaths for over a decade, and is the subject of multiple scientific studies.

Is IV Vitamin Therapy comfortable?

Yes. A fine gauge needle is used, which only takes a few seconds to administer. You can relax in our comfortable room and read a magazine while enhancing your health.

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