When the media calls out a celebrity for looking fake or plastic, they often blame a botched facelift or the results of too much Filler and/or Botox. The truth is that Dermal Filler and Botox are tools dependent upon physician skill, artistry, injection technique, and proper placement.

What to avoid:

Too much Botox? Your forehead appears frozen and you are unable to lift your eyebrows, making normal facial expression difficult. This can give your brow area a shiny, unnatural look that is universally unflattering. Too much Filler? You look puffy, stretched, and just wrong. Properly placed filler can dramatically enhance your looks, but it should also be subtle. This means softening lines or enhancing lips or cheeks—but doing so in moderation. Even babies have smile lines. You want to soften yours without looking like an alien.

What to look for:

Botox should smooth the lines and wrinkles, while still allowing for normal facial movement and expression. This mobility allows you to look rested, but normal and better. The doctors at EverYoung will ease negative expression lines (the number 11 lines between the brows that make you look mad), soften the surprise lines on the forehead and the crow’s feet around the eyes. Fillers work on deep lines or hollow areas that have lost fat, along with plumping lips or cheeks. Proper placement and the amount injected are essential in achieving a natural look. You only better!

The takeaway:

The best doctors to not overfill or over inject. They know their stuff, excel in anatomy, and have a ton of photos of real patients to show you. The results they attain for thier clients (along with their medical credentials of course), are the best indication of their quality of work and the results you can expect to obtain.