Fun and Exciting Things
To Do In Vancouver

Fun and Exciting Things To Do In Vancouver

Being the biggest city in the western region of Canada and located in a pristine region that experiences mild winter climate, Vancouver is always perfect for vacations. Its rather festive mood throughout makes it an ideal destination for those on holiday. The city is known to be one of the most livable ones in the region and was actually acknowledged by the Economist Intelligence Unit as the first city to rank among the top livable cities in the world for half a decade straight.

There are numerous things to do in Vancouver, be it indoors or outdoors and this post lists the most exciting ones:

Visit the Grouse Mountain

This is an attraction that you can visit during any time of the year. In summer, you can enjoy various trails and events like The World Famous Lumberjack Show, Birds in Motion Demonstrations and even The Refuge of Endangered Wildlife. During winter, you can enjoy numerous winter sports activities. There are over 25 snowboard and ski slopes as well as the sleigh ride, skating rink, and snowshoe trail.

Vancouver Art Gallery

A visit to this renowned gallery is on many individuals list of things to do as it never lacks something new to display. The Vancouver art gallery is a world-class destination housed by a turn of the century building. It is located in downtown Vancouver and has four floors of art displays, among them being the largest known collections of a number of famous artists.

The MacMillan Observatory

Everybody likes an excellent view of the stars and this observatory offers exactly that. It’s free to visit, but you’ll have to pay a small donation in order to gaze at the stars. However, if you do not wish to pay, you can still enjoy building and the grounds.

The Whistler Village

This one is a paradise for snow lovers. The Whistler Village is made up of over 8000 acres of a slope, which is ideal for all kinds of winter sports. You can ideally enjoy the snow by walking around the location while admiring the eye-pleasing chalets.

The Vancouver Aquarium

This is the largest aquarium in Canada, and it should be on your list the next time you visit Vancouver. It’s a sight to behold, housing over 70,000 marine life in over 100,000 square feet of space.

The Vancouver Winery

Wine tours are available in this marvelous city and they will take you to an abundant vineyard where you get a taste of what the location has to offer. For wine lovers, this is something you should skip on your to-do list.

The Beaches of Vancouver

There are numerous beaches in the city where you can enjoy swimming outdoors. There are ideally boardwalks for blading and skating.

The Granville Island

If you still want a few things to do here, why not explore the mysterious Granville Island? There is just something in the air or perhaps it’s this formal industrial center’s atmosphere that keeps drawing people. It’s free to explore the island’s numerous markets and you get to enjoy the music, laughter, and art that echoes all around. If you have a bit to spend, you should certainly consider the attractions and entertainment that Granville island offers.

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