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What are the different types of dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers work to restore the fullness and volume in the face that is lost due to aging or due to external factors like exposure to the sun and your lifestyle, as well as internal factors such as genetics. Unlike Botox, which primarily aims to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and lines, dermal fillers are

coolsculpting at everyoung med

What is Coolsculpting & How Can It Benefit Me?

We all know diet and exercise is essential in maintaining a toned body shape however, on occasions, some stubborn fat remains.People have turned to plastic surgery in the past, but according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), liposuction has declined in popularity by 30% since 2000 due to the rise of non-surgical body

How do Botox injections work?

COMMON BOTOX FAQs ANSWERED How do Botox injections work? Botox injections are the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure on the market. The procedure gained notoriety because of its initial use by celebrities and its ability to smooth out wrinkles and provide a more youthful look. But, how do they work exactly? Firstly, Botox is a‘therapeutic


ABOUT VOTIVA – VAGINAL REJUVENATION Dealing with the emotional aspects of changing hormones is hard enough—but changes to our most intimate areas, whether characterized by discomfort and pain, a shift in sexual expression, urinary incontinence, or a change in appearance— feels unfair. Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation in Vancouver and in Burnaby BC, helps to correct your most

PicoSure Focus Laser for clearer, younger looking skin

PicoSure Focus Laser for clearer, younger looking skin Skin Revitalization at EverYoung Medical Aesthetics How do you know your skin is damaged? Brown pigmentation marks, sun damage, course texture, uneven skin tone, scars, sagging and stretch marks are all signs of skin cells that are damaged, tired and aging. The PicoSure Laser is our go-to-treatment

Celebrating Our New Clinic

Celebrating Our New Clinic Thank you to our wonderful EverYoung clients who joined us for the opening of our new aesthetics clinic in Burnaby, BC.  The new clinic was based on a vision by our doctors to provide a luxury space where we could pamper our clients while delivering aesthetic excellence through our range of

A Guide to Cosmetic Facial Sculpting: Cheek, Chin, Jawline, Lips, Nose

A Guide to Cosmetic Facial Sculpting: Cheek, Chin, Jawline, Lips, Nose Facial Sculpting is an art form that allows our Vancouver EverYoung doctors in Port Coquitlam and Burnaby to achieve beautiful facial balance for our male and female patients. It requires advanced injection techniques and precise placement of dermal fillers to improve facial proportions, create

CoolSculpting – The Reviews Are In! Achieve Your Body Goals

CoolSculpting – The Reviews Are In! Achieve Your Body Goals There is something about the New Year that makes us feel hopeful. As we clear away the papers and minutiae of the past year—we are faced with a clean slate and an opportunity to redefine our goals and priorities. For many, this includes a renewed

Staff Christmas Party at Bacio Rosso

Staff Christmas Party at Bacio Rosso The EverYoung staff enjoyed a night of magic under the big top at Bacio Rosso, an immersive dinner theatre experience combining cirque, comedy and cabaret; all performed against a stunning backdrop of red velvet that evoked old world Paris. The show was sultry, sassy, and spectacular! Thank you Dr.

Chef Gordon Ramsay – Treatments for men

Chef Gordon Ramsay – Treatments for men If you think men don’t care about aging you’re wrong. They’re just more private about it—unless you’re Gordon Ramsay that is. Chef Ramsay is transparent about the reasons behind his transformation: ‘I’ve got four children, and they’d say: ‘Dad, why have you got so many wrinkles on your

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